Unable to reach out to your audience because the mails are not reaching them?

Email Deliverability: The ‘Pepper’ to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Imagine this; you have rolled out an email marketing campaign. However, the outcome of the mailer did not turn out to be as expected. When you dug in further and get the analytics report, you see that the email did not reach most of your list.

In a situation like above, your marketing team needs to work on its email marketing strategy but, give more emphasis to what today, most marketers call email deliverability services. Some marketers, unfortunately, confuse the same with email delivery. Let’s understand the difference between the two.

Email Deliverability v/s Email Delivery

As similar to the terms sound, they mean very different from one another, holding its importance. Email delivery is the successful delivery of your email to the receiving server. On the other hand, Email Deliverability occurs when the same email successfully lands up in your target audience’s email inbox.

You need to understand that email delivery is easy to take control of. However, email deliverability is a level higher; reason being, if email deliverability is low, it is most likely that your email has landed into the spam folder of your email list.

Email Service Providers (also known as ESPs) provide detailed analysis on why an email’s delivery rate was low; most likely due to hard and soft bounces. Once this information reaches the marketing team, the data can be segmented immediately. However, Email Deliverability’s success is measured by:

  • Number of Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • Extent of Engagement
  • Sender’s Reputation

Now that we have established the need for email deliverability, let’s discuss it further.

Need for Best Email Deliverability Services 

Email Deliverability is very difficult to ace. Most small and medium businesses opt for a marketing agency for guidance and optimum results. If your brand wishes to make $44 every $2 investment, I think you should read this deeper. Let’s understand the need for best email deliverability services and how to improve email deliverability further:

Successful Email Deliverability means Success in Email Marketing!

Email deliverability is known to be the very foundation any email marketing strategy is designed for. Speaking from the base level, marketers pay ESPs to roll out email marketing campaigns on their behalf but the rest is all in the hands of your marketing team. In simple words, here’s what you need to do for successful email deliverability:

1. Create a thoughtful Design Template

2. Personalize content

3. Quality Subject Lines (spam-free comes without saying)

4. CTAs to be Action- Oriented

5. Maintain a fair ration between pieces of content & images used

6. Eye-catching font face, color usage and more

Winning the inbox competition and thinking higher.

In hard times like 2020, the email world stays busy. Whether later or in the past, email marketing is a very competitive area. Brands like Google, according to studies, are blocking almost 10 million spam emails each minute. So, how can you win the inbox competition? Here’s how:

  • Reach out to top email deliverability service providers 
  • Make sure content is original, unique and engaging 
  • Target towards building long-term relationships with subscribers
  • Can have newsletters, promotion of free products and more

Customer Experience must be on High Priority

Customer experiences can be as simple as acknowledging their subscription to your emails on a personal level. There are several ways in which marketing strategies go about stratifying databases for quality customer experiences. Your business needs to make a few considerations to amaze customers:

  • Consider Content: What kind of content is enjoyed by users? Is it only offers or awareness based content or both? Figure that out and define the tonality and quality of your content.
  • Consider Frequency: How often can engagement be expected of the user? Figure that out and the frequency of rolling out mailers is also defined!
  • Consider Preference: Not all users will want mailers daily. Based on the above two answers, the preference can be identified by looking into what really interests the user and how they like being contacted too.

Best Practices for Email Deliverability can help

You need to ask yourself a question ‘Will your campaigns bring in quality ROI if your emails don’t even land in the mailbox? What if it’s not even opened?’

Hence, check out tips for successful email marketing your brand can follow:

1. Form your campaign objectives. This way, you’ll know exactly what you want; maintains uniformity and consistency in mailers too.

2. Content and Design need to be in-sync. If your content does not make sense, sooner or later, people will unsubscribe your emails or mark you as a spam one. Quality and well- synchronized work help to achieve email marketing targets!

3. Be responsible for your campaigns and email list. Email lists can be filtered and played around with. However, the master database needs to stay original and intact. Campaigns need to stay objective- oriented and spam-free.

4. Manage Complaint Rates. It’s unfortunate but there’s always times when email campaigns are questioned; warnings are taken up seriously. It can be nullified by registering at abuse.net which is an anti-spam organization, helping you stand against email abuse issues, hence helping work towards lowering bounce rates.

5. Reach out to a good email deliverability service provider. This way, you don’t have to do most of the work. Plus, there is a high chance of positive outcomes because of their area of expertise.

6. Maintain Transparency. Let your subscribers know the information they would not know otherwise based on your business. This way, you build trust with your subscribers and increase engagement!

Understand your brand and help others understand it. That’s what email marketing’s baseline is and will help your email marketing get the ‘pepper’ it needs!

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