High-converting Landing Pages

Top Tips To Create High-Converting Landing Pages

With digital marketing & technology gaining ground, it has become highly imperative for businesses to carve a digital identity and establish their presence in the online space. Landing pages are a significant intermediary to connect businesses with prospect customers by offering relevant & contextual information about the business, its products and service offerings.

Today, marketers are no more leveraging landing pages, but investing their time & resources to optimize landing pages for higher performance.

Here are some tips/best practices for creating landing pages that are responsive, captivating and conversion-centered.

#1: Understand Your Audience

Target audienceThe prime objective of landing pages is to capture user attention, entice them with relevant content and positive experience and guide them through the conversion funnel. Thus, audiences are at the core of any landing page design.

Before businesses plan the strategy to entice their audience, they must conduct a user behavior analysis to understand their audiences’ preferences, requirement, past purchasing trend as well as their probable future actions. To create a lasting impression on the audience, businesses must understand their pain points and take a different communication strategy with more customized content & design.

Be available when your ideal customers need you most – with your relevant, well-crafted, tailored landing pages geared towards a positive user experience & higher conversion.

#2: Keep The Message Specific & Relevant

While a business’s website is designed for more generic use, landing pages are designed around a specific objective, to create a sense of urgency to commit towards the call-to-action. Overloading a landing page with more detailed information may confuse & distract your audience which will restrict your conversion opportunity.

Keeping the message simple, unique and authentic is the key to achieving success through landing pages. By keeping landing pages objective & specific, you’re helping your customers make the right decisions.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 48% marketers design new landing pages for each marketing campaign. This would be a great strategy which you can leverage for greater ROI of your marketing campaigns.

 #3: Make It Visually Captivating

Responsive landing pagesVarious research & studies have confirmed that people have a very limited attention span and they are more receptive to visuals than texts. Human brains can process visual information faster than long-form texts. Thus, designing landing pages with relevant enticing visual elements and videos can be a powerful strategy.

Using visuals as a design element in your landing pages can transform a digital business. Statistics suggest that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

Benefits of incorporating videos in landing pages are

  • Develop customer trust
  • Increase visitor dwell time on the website
  • Improve understanding of complicated products
  • Enhance conversion

#4: A/B Testing To Optimize Performance

A/B Testing A/B testing is a way of experimenting with two or more landing page variants for desired performance & conversion. A/B testing helps to understand, measure the actual behavior of your customers under real-world conditions.  It can also measure very small performance variances with high statistical significance.

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