Email Personalization Strategies

It’s High Time You Implement These Email Personalization Strategies

We’re living in a dynamic time. Things are changing rapidly however, the need for hyper-personalization in email marketing sure is on an increase. Another rising need is to send out the right email, at the right time, keeping in mind the reader’s preferences. But, how?

Solve all your email marketing issues with smart email personalization techniques & strategies this 2020. Businesses, please read this post carefully, we’re in a digital world where 91% of users are most likely to shop from brands who send in relevant offers & recommendations at the right time! (source)

We’re amid a pandemic with rising technologies which is keeping the economy from crashing and increasing engagement with users via social media strategies, email marketing services and more. With brands like Encircl, head towards AI marketing, specializing in personalized and predictive marketing campaigns at best returns ever!

As a marketing channel, Email has proven to be ROI-oriented and delivers up to 39% more returns than other marketing strategies for multiple industries. Be the company which catches customers’ attention, invest in the best because, as mentioned in our other post, for every $1 spent $44 comes back as a return on investment which is amazing.

Check out email marketing strategies:

Predictive personalization: AI marketing is one of the trending developments when it comes to email marketing. It’s a powerful tool for predictive personalization. Several brands are making an attempt to implement this strategy wherein, they create 10 odd templates for multiple purposes like promotion of coupons, weekly newsletters and more; the software sends out emails at the required time, to specific customers. 

With real-time personalization tools by Encircl, you can make hyper-personalization very seamless for your campaigns. It is critical to personalize visual elements of marketing with real-time offers because of the message it serves up as well.

Pros: Your customers will feel special and wanted. Custom mailers for each individual can be designed and sent out based on size, content and sending time too. They’ll want to stay connected with you no matter what. Your business can have a small team with bright minds, thinking about the ideas rather than the real execution!

In simple words, a technology can improve your email marketing strategy & increase revenue by 20%, in spite of crashing economies!

Smart segmentation: Smart segmentation is a very important trend this 2020 for email marketing. Data points can comprise anything from the last purchase by the user or the day on which customers open your emails or even the day when they check your website. With smart segmentation services, shoot up your revenue for paid campaigns as well. Create superb email marketing segments for effective engagement this 2020. Tools like Glew help however, it can be expensive. Reaching out to a smart email segmentation provider can do wonders for your business!

Pros: You don’t need to hire a in-house team for data segmentation. Personalize your email templates with the right service provider and automate your campaigns in no time.

Multivariate and A/B Testing: Although, it’s been there for a while, not many email marketers were taking it seriously due to lack of time. 2020 has introduced us to tools which makes life easier. With A/B testing, you can test which of the two versions work for email campaigns. The difference can be in the form of content, design, look and more. Multivariate testing can test many variants whereas, A/B testing can test two versions.

Encircl can create templates  and test multiple versions without much hassle and save immense time. Woodpecker and Mailshake are some of the popular email drip campaigns A/B testing recommends followed by Encircl for increased conversion rates and larger audience sizes.

Pros: Concentrate on the context and ideas rather than the back-end requirements. Saves a lot of time!

Personalize emails via UGC: Email marketing is heading towards a very human approach, making the back-end automated. With UCG (User Generated Content) emailers, social media marketing and email marketing strategies can be strengthened big time. FourSixty and Pixlee are global brands who implement this strategy and increase their revenue with the same.

Pros: With dynamic display content, engage your customers no matter what and deliver the best of content whenever.

Customer Reviews: 2020 is all about being digitally visible and human. With testimonials comprising videos, images and more, make your brand more real in the virtual space. It’s powerful to have client testimonials on websites but, for an email marketing campaign, it’s tough but, amazing ROI-wise! 

Loox is a popular tool used to collect client testimonials on an automated basis and embed the same into emails. Get a survey done for your customers through Encircl.

Pros: Target prospects based on reliable data & pitch them products alongside. It’s subtle, sophisticated and very real.


Everyone wants to feel special. If your emailers can make that happen then, why not? With email personalization strategies this 2020, build on a curve which can be made steady, generate amazing revenue and more. To summarize, here’s what the key takeaways are:

  • Personalize emails with AI and RTP to send custom mailers, headlines, subject lines and more
  • Effective use of smart segmentation to manage data and make the most out of it
  • Multivariate and A/B testing can be automated and work can go on while you are resting too
  • Display USP for improving customer experiences
  • Client reviews embedded in emailers for best CTR in email campaigns

With these trends, stay away from falling apart and keep operations going amid the pandemic with hyper-personalization email marketing trends.

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