plan digital marketing strategy during covid-19

Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic, a very familiar word to all of us now! The entire world is going through a crisis today due to COVID-19 impact on the economy of different countries all over the world as well as the social lifestyle and the work-culture. Left with no second option, social distancing is the only preventive way to limit the COVID-19 outbreak.

Changing Landscape of Marketing

During this difficult time, when people are staying home and working remotely, marketing strategies have been drastically altered. How will marketing strategies evolve in these uncertain times and going forward?

With today’s marketing and advertising industry going through a serious fall in revenue, the concept of social distancing can be taken in a positive way and utilized for your online presence & digital marketing as well. 


News of thousands of deaths is a sad reality while the challenges are significant with the drastic downfall in the world economy. As people stay home, there is no way that they can consume your product. From Agriculture & E-commerce to Real Estate & Travel Industry, – Everyone is going through a revenue loss. People are spending more time on OTT streaming platforms for entertainment, social media for connecting with the outside world, e-commerce portals for shopping, and so on.

What Does Statistics Say?

Because of the social distancing, the more time they spend at home, the more time they spend on their mobiles. Social Media Platforms and online media are preferable today over any social gathering.

According to a survey report recently, WhatsApp engagement has been increased by 40% while Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. engagement has been increased by around 50% after February. Besides, email consumptions are likely to be higher than usual.

Why is this data significant in your digital marketing strategy?

These data may vary from time to time or increase if the situation stays the same. Your brand engagement activities shan’t stop here. The motto behind pointing them out is to show that this is not the end and how you can use the ‘moment marketing’ strategy to enhance your digital presence and brand engagement by following some simple factors.

How should you utilize this data?

A few textile and clothing brands used email marketing tactics utilizing the same concept where emails have been sent using subject lines and preheaders like “Things are weird”. Few personal grooming brands used subject lines like, “Let’s get through this together.” Are these email marketing strategies creative and smart? Well, the answer depends on various aspects.

5 Strategy to Follow:

digital marketing during covid-19 pandemic

What solution can Encircl provide?

Being a unique blend of creativity & technology, Encircl offers a variety of creative services around the world ranging from hyper-personalized emailer designs, infographics, social media engaging posts, responsive design materials and much more. Our team is well equipped even in this time of crisis and continuously supporting our clients remotely to help them continue their online marketing activities through ideating campaigns and help execute them.

To understand your scope of moment marketing during COVID 19, check out this space for our series of articles on Innovative ways & Different Platform to be used as a marketing channel.

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