Marketing Trends 2020 Post Covid- 19

Top Marketing Trends You Need to Know

A lot of businesses entered 2020 with great momentum & ambition. Companies were trying to be more customer- centric, data-driven and unlock more value by meeting customer needs. 12 weeks later, our lives changed. With the pandemic issue followed by another recession, we’re bringing before you marketing trends you need to implement this 2020.  

  1. Maintain your brand’s purpose while building resilience 

Back in 2019, when marketing trends for 2021 were traced, nobody knew about the Covid-19 pandemic; nobody knew it would change marketing campaign strategies. Before, our aims as brands were to provide the best possible services & keep everyone happy. However , now, everything has changed! In the current environment, the industries are forced to reinvent themselves; companies are struggling for survival.

Resilience will sure be a defining characteristic for your brand. Ensure you plan for unpredictable times well ahead of time. What your market looks today, may not look as damaged 3 weeks later with planning. So, how to build resilience?

  • Putting customers first in this time and understanding customer needs will help you retain customers well. Be careful about the tone and words used by your brand at this time
  • Go digital, if you haven’t gone yet. This is a must for your brand to survive in the upcoming reality. For the ones who already have been visible online, restrategize your digital marketing campaign strategy with a good agency
  • Giving more for less will probably be the new normal
  • Effective crisis communication is a must. Tell your customers what you’re going through; what your process for delivery is, for instance. Your tonality, conversations and more matter at this point
  • Rethink your value propositions. Restructure your pricing and access. 
  • Enable your team to provide more for less. This will help you bring in newer & better offers, products and more.

Modernize your marketing strategy based on current needs.

2. A new era for integrated data & Social Media
While giving good customer experiences, you as a brand need to have a very holistic view of customer experiences. Bring together all the data you have about each customer on a data management platform. This is the best way to integrate data, cater to customer needs and do so much more! 

Integrated data shall also help your company stay put for the future. Prepare yourself for future challenges with just the second tool, data. 
Digital platforms and campaign management are ways in which you can effectively network with your customers. Find ways to engage them; for instance, create snackable video content pieces, create interactive posts and more. With these digital marketing strategies, your brand can increase its popularity, build relationships and help them value your brand. 

3. Businesses will need to shift Your business needs to adapt and deal with dynamic variations. As mentioned before, a well- designed data- centric digital marketing strategy shall help. From just selling your products, you’ll now have to switch to compassionate selling. Keep a very close eye on dynamic consumer behaviours, how each industry responds to it and find new opportunities. 

4. Blend in basics with upcoming inputsYour brand needs to understand the need for teamwork, proactiveness and dynamism. Aspects like email marketing which goes way back is now really popping in! Review your past marketing strategies and see what you can be doing now in this time of tension. Blend service and trust with email marketing, for instance.

Upcoming trends also need to be catered to like, being digitally visible, reachable and customer-centric. Bottom line being, you need to strategize all over again and see how you can survive in this market with your team of professionals.

5. Paid marketing is really helping businesses take off!One amazing improvement businesses observed was the pick-up in paid marketing because of its cost-effectiveness versus the returns. About 47% digital marketers recommended paid marketing during the peak of Covid-19 in order to be visible online, without too much hard work and at best bid prices as well.

Paid marketing has been predicted by several marketers all over the world to flourish like never before. Start investing in it before it shoots up its expenses again!

6. Email Marketing needs to take off right now.

Email campaign management is something that your brand really needs to look into. Your email campaigns will define your brand image, awareness and popularity. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the open rates of emails by about 73% which is a whopping number; reason being, social distancing and the need to know all about the brand anyway.

In Conclusion
The Covid-19 pandemic changed marketing strategies for several brands because it changed buying habits, lifestyles and more. Times are still uncertain hence, dynamic. Keep calm and observe the waves of change and go with the flow. 
Whether personally or professionally, we need to take this pandemic as a learning as to how to make marketing investments, which digital marketing agency to reach out to and which strategy really works for your business! At the end of the day, your campaign management plan is what’s going to help you grow in this digital & data- driven market.