Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile App (with examples)

We all know how 2020 helped boost digitalization globally. The same way, mobile applications got a boost and are trending this 2021. It’s time you become more close to your users with a custom-built app..

Your brand may be a small business or a global company; we all stand with one question, “how do we keep customers hanging out with us?” The answer is right in front of you – Develop your mobile app!

Mobile apps marketing has been adopted by various brands, especially with an increasing need to go virtual. According to Buildfire, app installs increased by 45% worldwide. Dwell deep into why your brand really needs a mobile app ASAP:

Improve customer experience: Customer is God for any business whatsoever. With a kickass mobile app, improve customer experience from where it was to where it should be. For example, let’s talk about Netflix. With a pandemic on the rise, Netsolutions say, 47% of Americans prefer Netflix rather than any other video streaming service. Reasons for such a choice include:

  • An amazing mobile app which makes the user journey easy, accessible and extremely convenient
  • Improve overall customer engagement with trending suggestions, user preferences and more
  • Designing the app all about the customer experience

Increase brand recognition: An average American spends about 5 hours on his smartphone on a daily basis. What if this app were yours? Increase brand recognition with a very simple mobile app, making engagement and conversion processes sleek. This in-turn helps build brand awareness. Take TikTok, for instance, the app has over 800 million active users with amazing engagement designed by the people, for the people.. Reasons for such a choice include:

  • Unique content from various users around the world
  • Smart and attractive design, UI for easy navigation and engagement
  • Brand awareness at the TOP to an extent where people use TikTok as a synonym!

New marketing space: You can promote your brand on your app because it’s your space! Collect data, work with customer inquiries and communicate exciting offers to get people hooked onto your app! Mobile application engagement is quite an engagement but, worth every penny. Inspiration comes from Spotify where the brand promotes itself on the app, encouraging users to get annual subscriptions, whether they need it or not. Reasons for such a choice include:

  • Direct service provider for customer using the mobile app
  • Promote the brand 24X7 with a simple app installation
  • Give an elegant touch to your brand with an investment of mobile app design & development

Enhanced UX: Create a positive image of your brand with mobile applications. You can fulfil this need by delivering the most amazing and enjoyable customer experiences which can be enjoyed by a user anytime, anywhere. Take YouTube, for instance; it’s pushing its Premium services with the right timing to introduce YouTube Music, an exciting mobile app for music enthusiasts. The download and watch later feature of the application is what keeps maximum users hung onto that app. According to Alexa, a user spends about 18 minutes on YouTube on a daily basis! This is happening due to the following reasons:

  • Enjoyable customer experience
  • Enables customer get what they really want with smart browsing
  • App keeps your brand right in their palms, enabling easy navigation and more

Take your business up a notch: Most businesses have massive competition on local and global levels. It’s super important et, difficult to stay unique. An easy way to achieve this is with a mobile application. Attract customers, level up with them by knowing their preferences indirectly through app development. For instance, take Tinder. This mobile app has performed wonderfully with It is estimated that in 2021 more than 57 million people will use Tinder throughout the world with an estimation that in 2021, more than 57 million people will use Tinder around the globe. This is happening due to the following reasons:

  • Make sense out data collected with smart management systems
  • Intense use of mobile app to generate content and promote the same
  • App made available for free, not the subscription. It’s a win-win!

Connect with new customers & Cultivate trust: Be where your customer is with a smartphone app installment. Whether it is location-based marketing or a simple way to follow your audiences all the way through, build trust and connect with your customers this fine way. Deliver loyalty offers, roll out exciting offers and more to attract new customers. For instance, Uber is a great app to attract new users through coupons, referral codes and more. The app has the perfect tone, setup and marketing strategy implementation you can get inspired from. Here’s how you can connect with your new/existing customers:

  • Create a reward system for users
  • Let your customers know you love them with exciting app notifications
  • Keep giving more features on app than on website

What’s Next?
There is so much to mobile app development. Considering factors like technology features, which platform to use (iOS or Android), and internet availability must be considered before going further.

If you are ON with gifting your brand with an amazing mobile app, think about the idea, its plan, benefits and more. Build a prototype using tools like Adobe XD or just go ahead and reach out to a digital marketing agency who can do it for you at a more affordable and custom level.