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Digital Marketing

Encircl’s digital marketing services enrich the digital presence of clients by bringing together technology and the art of communication, to create the best customer experience across all channels.

Web Design & Development

Your website is your global identity. Encircl helps you set it right.

Content Marketing

All digital touchpoints are your mouthpiece. Encircl helps you in conveying the right narrative.


Stay on top of the first page in all search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Manage the social conversation around your brand.

Web Design & Development

Websites act as the digital identity for brands and organizations. Encircl encompasses all pivotal elements of brand identity and digital touch points to establish a suitable digital presence. Customized web development, responsive design optimization, seamless user experience, engaging content and appropriate framework creation are some of the important competitive aspects of web development that Encircl offers.

PHP Web & Application Development

Content Marketing

Content is the backbone of Digital Communication. Encircl’s content management team provides extensive strategies for planning, creation, monitoring and distribution across all digital channels. Keeping content consistent, brand-focused and customized is pivotal to Digital Marketing. Encircl’s experiential learning provides the right value proposition to develop integrated content marketing strategies for its clients.


Bringing inbound traffic through superior ranking in search engine is a long-term strategy and commands excellent understanding of on-the-page and off-the-page optimization strategies. Encircl’s content management team and HTML development team collaboratively work to achieve this target.

Social Media Marketing

There are two parts of managing social media: triggering the conversation and listening to it. Encircl integrates both to tune social media savvy folks to the right brand positioning and positive image perception. Encircl has in-house social media experts and social listening platforms to perform end-to-end social media marketing and management.

Digital Marketing in action

A Social Media Advocacy brand expanded their brand presence multifold across digital channels. Discover how.

Socxo is an ‘Enterprise Social Platform’ that engages employees and associates actively, and helps harness the power of their social reach to boost brand awareness, help recruit employees and generate organic leads. Encircl made the foundation of their digital presence through Website development, Social Media Marketing, SEO/SEM and Content marketing strategy.

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