The Client

India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform that allows users to book tickets for movies, plays, sports, and live events. One of the most popular destinations for event-ticket booking in India. As a market leader, has presence in 4 countries, across 650+ towns and cities, with 5000+ registered screens and 25 Million+ customers. Email marketing plays a pivotal role in reaching out to registered subscribers with the latest show-time information, upcoming releases, events and concerts

The Client


It’s always a challenge when it comes to email marketing. From automation to campaign management – so many things happen at a certain time. As the biggest online ticketing platform, the client was mostly relying on emails for business communications, be it reaching out to the new customers or maintaining a dialogue with the existing ones. Deliverability of emails to the customer's INBOX was a constant challenge for them.

With their user base expanded in a vast demographics & geographies across the different countries, the existing challenges that the client had to face are below:

  • Ensuring quality of user experience was one of the major challenges
  • Reduced open-rate: Email open-rate was very less due to unappealing subject lines, spam words, and readability issues
  • Ensuring INBOX placement: Emails were landing into spam box instead of Inbox which were affecting campaign performance
  • Readability of text, preheader/sub text was another challenge


  • Break the clutter of email communications between the brand and the users
  • Reach out to maximum users to promote and cross-sell activities/movies
  • Improve user experience in terms of email communication
  • Improving deliverability based on city, age groups and other related factors
  • Provide a seamless experience for the customers, improve brand-customer affinity
  • Enhance lead generation by improving open rate and CTR


Personalized content analysis which involves spam check, subject-line predictions, sub-header performance, ensuring appealing context and content. A comprehensive email deliverability audit was conducted to outline the issues behind lack of email deliverability. With the best-in-class email deliverability intelligence and real-time insights, the team at encircl redeemed the IP & Domain reputation of the client. To ensure a high degree of INBOX placement, A/B testing of email subject lines and content was undertaken. In addition, ESP-specific spam, block and blacklist issues were also addressed.

The solution suggested was as follows:

Intelligent Email Segmentation
Intelligent Email
Emailer Intelligence
Deliverability Monitoring & Tracking
Monitoring & Tracking
Infrastructure & IP Maintenance
Infrastructure &
IP Maintenance


  • Improving IP & Domain Reputation from low to high
  • Execute and monitor warm-up plans to scale up volume
  • Ensuring email list hygiene - Time-triggered & automated list cleaning (Effective segmentation)
  • Subject line comparison and content score check to gauge email campaign performance
  • Hotmail SNDS monitoring and analytics
  • Spam & Blacklist alert - suppression against potential spam trap
  • Gauge email campaign performance in real-time with unprecedented email deliverability intelligence's email open rate, read rate, delete w/o being read rate & the subscriber engagement level


Increase in
Inbox Placement
Improved Sender
Increase in
Spam Rate
Bounce Rate
Boost in ROI
by improving CTR
Conversion Rate
Engagement Rate