The Client

A sub-brand of a leading financial service brand which offers its retail brokerage investment services. The brand provides a simplified platform for online trading in India in equity, derivatives, mutual funds and more. Alongside, it offers wide-range of diversified investment options, protection solutions, loans and tax planning solutions. The brand also provides service-related news, updates and more on a timely basis.


To build the brand as a factually relevant and real timeprovider of stock/sharet updates on email.



  • Modify stock price based on changing indices in the same email.
  • To make emails more engaging, increase email open rates.
  • To build the brand as a reliable information and service provider to understand stock/shares value at real time.
  • Need for a tool to enable direct communication with the audience.

Actions & Strategy

Delivered an optimized email marketing strategy to increase engagement, reliability and growth of the brand. Following were the highlights of the proposed & implemented email marketing strategy.

Pick of the Week Mailer

  • Email series dedicated to delivering ever-changing investment environments.
  • Ensure delivery of dynamic and real-time updates about prime stocks, with earning visibility and estimated valuations.
  • Empower customers to take a well-informed decision. Pick from recommendations and invest smartly.
  • The campaign was rolled out every Monday, consisting of dynamic content with the best interactions the client ever experienced.
Pick of the Week Mailer
  • Success Meter: Visually displays how well recommended stocks are currently performing in the market.
  • Markets Now: Real -time updated values based on email open time.
  • Pick Of The Week: Recommend best performing stocks to each subscriber. Mentions of buying price, recommended pricing and target price with potential are given.
  • Last Update: Keep the recipient informed about the recency of markets now.
  • Countdown Timer: Enabling visibility with regard to time left for investment or time left for the market to close.
  • News of The hour: Provide hourly updates. Keep recipients informed with market- related news.

High Conviction Stock Ideas

  • Designed to deliver dynamic and real-time information about stocks.
  • Aimed towards helping businessmen invest in the right place, at the right time.
  • Provided filtered news in relation to stocks mentioned.
  • Empower customers to take the right decision at a given point of time.
High Conviction Stock Ideas
  • Markets Now: Real-time marketing indices as promptly as every 5 minutes.
  • Last Update: Empowers users to know the recency of the news published.
  • Countdown Timer: Determine the time remaining for the market to open/close.
  • High Conviction Stocks: Listed out recommended buying price. Compared the same with Current Market Price as well as Target Price with increment.
  • Latest on the Stock: Filtered news about the stock over the past weeks, enabling investors to take a knowledgeable decision.


  • Promptly developed a working direct response strategy for the financial firm with intermittent market data.
  • Enabled a metric-based approach to capture real-time data on stock market conditions inside the inbox.
  • Helped develop strategies to personalize data for account holders.
  • Engagement with the brand when the market is open and closed with news, stock quotes & updates, current market reports and more.

Client Speak

“The dynamic nature of markets makes it imperative for an investor to acquire up to date information before making an investment By incorporating real time stock price and indices movements in our emails, we have been able to make the content extremely relevant and timely for our clients, irrespective of when they open the mailer.

The Real Time Personalization ( of emails, have led to a surge in Open rate to 9 85 for ‘Pick of the Week’ mailer and as good as 14 5 for ‘High Conviction’ mailer Not only this, our click rates have also jumped significantly for both the emailers.

This innovation has also been appreciated by our clients who now get instant and easy access to all market relevant information for making investments The value added by our mailers to make prudent investment decisions of our clients’ is evident in the increased conversions and client engagement that we have received with the introduction of real time mailers.”