The Challenge

SOCXO is a modern Enterprise Social Platform that actively engages employees and associates of an organization. It harnesses the power of their social reach to boost brand awareness, help recruit employees and generate organic leads.

As brand advocacy is a new concept, positioning it digitally to create global awareness was a challenge. SOCXO approached Innovo to create digital presence and popularity through Digital Marketing.


marketing bloggers and influencers to create awareness

SOCXO was introduced to Technology & Marketing bloggers and influencers to create awareness regarding Employee Advocacy.

This amplified the organic reach and got SOCXO the brand identity and recognition.

Over 69 bloggers were contacted to write numerous blog posts and promotion of the brand on their personal feeds too.

Social Media

social media campaign with hashtag

During the course of time 13 Reasons Why, a popular Netflix series was released. We leveraged it's popularity through a Social Media campaign with hashtag #13ReasonsWhy.

The campaign was accompanied by other trending events to attract more audience. It has attracted appreciable organic reach throughout the campaign.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Outcome

In just over 2 months of campaign, we achieved the following:

Sales Leads - 106

Page Views - 12K Plus

Sessions - 6K Plus

Bloggers - 69 Bloggers