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Technology is the backbone of modern communications. We specialize in simplifying the communications through innovation and custom development.

Marketing Technology

Technology is the backbone of modern communications. We specialize in simplifying the communications through innovation and custom development. Most of our clients today make use of our flexible automation and integration solutions to manage leads, send emails, conduct surveys and incorporate new levels of personalization and individualization to better engage with their subscribers. Our 360 degree capability helps to deliver consistent, contextual and seamless communications across all digital channels.

Real time personalisation

Dynamic email personalization to create fresh, live and moving emails.

Omni-channel Marketing Cloud

A suite of products and services to put multiple marketing channels into focused action.

Email Validator

Discard invalid Emails from your Email Database.

Responsive Mailers

Design pixel-perfect Responsive Email in just a few clicks

Marketing Automation

A custom service to automate, integrate and synchronize different marketing technologies.

Real Time Personalization

Create irrestible, time-sensitive email content in real-time adding tremendous value to various marketing & promotional activities. RTP offers innovatively designed and customized features that can dynamically change email elements based on the time of opening the email, the user's location, device used, and many more options. This contextual email marketing innovation makes the emails more relevant to the readers for a longer period of time because the message is constantly updated.

Omni Channel Marketing Cloud

An integrated marketing suite to facilitate a consistent consumer experience. Putting customers at the centre of your overall marketing strategy, Encircl's Omni-channel Marketing services intuitively integrates various marketing and communications platforms to broadcast consistent messaging across all channels from a single user interface. The complete content creation, acquisition, segmentation, delivery, quality testing and monitoring processes are centrally controlled from one or multiple dashboards along with integration and automation based services.

Email Validator

Email Validator is a cloud based SaaS solution that ensures email list quality. It cleans nearly 80% of the bad email addresses based on a multitude of intuitive checks. The deliverables and output of this product can be observed through a dramatically reduced bounce rate and a subsequent improvement in ROI. You can expect savings up to 40% of the cost per email campaign, plus improve your sender's and IP's reputation by discarding unnecessary email IDs from your database.

Responsive Mailers

Responsive Mailers is an easy-to-use tool for creating responsive email designs that adapt to multiple screens, devices, browsers, and operating systems. This simple 'upload-edit-export' based tool reduces costs and turnaround time taken for creating responsive email HTMLs. Selecting a suitable plan, you can simply predefine the turnaround time and get the final HTML delivered to your inbox.

Responsive Email Creative Services

Marketing Automation

There is no dearth of technologies for modern marketers. But, tuning up various platforms for a specific value proposition is technologically challenging. Encircl simply addresses this challenge and amplifies the process efficiency. From automated lifecycle management to micro-segmentation and automated targeting, this custom service provides a technological backbone to marketers.

Marketing Technology in action

An Australian online wine retailer increased email conversion by 77% using innovative technology in their email. Know how.

Just Wines is an Australian online wine retailer. With a challenge to to drive Subscribers Conversion Rate through effective email marketing programs and trigger customer purchasing for time-bound promotional offers, the brand used real-time email content to drive the time-dependent offers. Encircl managed the complete development and production of the personalization of email content.

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