Marketing Technology

Technology is the backbone of modern communications. We specialize in simplifying the communications through innovation and custom development. Most of our clients today make use of our flexible automation and integration solutions to manage leads, send emails, conduct surveys and incorporate new levels of personalization and individualization to better engage with their subscribers. Our 360 degree capability helps to deliver consistent, contextual and seamless communications across all digital channels.

Real time personalisation

Dynamic email personalization to create fresh, live and moving emails.

Omni-channel Marketing Cloud

A suite of products and services to put multiple marketing channels into focused action.

Email Validator

Discard invalid Emails from your Email Database.

Responsive Mailers

Design pixel-perfect Responsive Email in just a few clicks

Marketing Automation

A custom service to automate, integrate and synchronize different marketing technologies.

Marketing Technology in action

An Australian online wine retailer increased email conversion by 77% using innovative technology in their email. Know how.

With a challenge to to drive Subscribers Conversion Rate through effective email marketing programs and trigger customer purchasing for time-bound promotional offers, the brand used real-time email content to drive the time-dependent offers. Encircl managed the complete development and production of the personalization of email content.

See how we did it