Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is all about setting the right spend for right acquisition through right channels. Making marketing ROI-driven is what matters in keeping a business on the right track. There is no quick fix for achieving marketing success, but performance marketing can open the door to a better investment-driven strategy. Encircl powers such ROI-driven efforts to make inbound marketing more effective through calculative budget optimization, channel selection and media buying strategy.

Email Banner Ads

Reaching out to customer's inbox through personalization

Paid Search

Invest wisely to get discovered easily !

Social Media Advertising

Be a part of the Conversation

Display Advertising & Retargeting

Follow your fans Digitally !

Media Buying

Optimize your Budget across channels

Paid Search

With increasing competition within Search Marketing, capturing subscribers attention is no more about investing money in generating and placing Ad copies in search engines. The campaign management team at Encircl, offer cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the competition by objectively configuring advertisements so as to maximize conversion.

Performance Marketing in action

How a high-end luxury shoe retail brand managed to launch their ecommerce and digital presence powered by Encircl?

After 3 months of extensive campaigns, the brand Classe Italiana successfully achieved over 12 millions impressions through Google AdWords, over 100k clicks on the website and over a million impressions across social media channels. Encircl provided the end-to-end service from website development to Digital and Influencers marketing to enable the brand strengthen its digital brand presence.

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