Why Real-time Personalization?


Encircl - Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

A time contextual feature, displays time remaining till the end or start of the deal up to seconds.

Encircl - Display specific time

Time Based Images

Display different offers, deals, events etc. based on specific time of the day.

Encircl - Display device based images

Device Based Images

Display different offers, deals, events etc. based on the device used to read the mail.

Encircl - Weather Customization

Weather Customization

Enables showcase of real-time weather condition for geo-targeting.

Encircl - Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Create a visual effect on urgency by showing that time is running out, using a progress bar.

Encircl - Display location

Location Based Images

Display different offers, deals, events etc. based on the location where the email was viewed.

Encircl - Integrated API

Integrated API

Integrate any Email Editor, ESP or Gateways with RTP within seconds for seamless performance.

Encircl - Live Website Content

Live Website Content

Display live content like latest products, discounts, prices etc. from website.

Encircl - Social Streaming

Social Streaming

Display live content from social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest etc.

Encircl- Content Testing

Multivariate Testing

Allows insertion of dynamic content to optimize the best performing one.

Encircl - Content optimizer

Content Optimizer

Run Multivariate testing on several images to select best image and show it to rest of the audience.

Encircl - Convert videos HTML5 to GIF


Displays HTML5 videos or convert videos into animated GIFs supported by Email.

Marketing Technology in action

An Australian online wine retailer increased email conversion by 77% using innovative technology in their email. Know how.

Just Wines is an Australian online wine retailer. With a challenge to to drive Subscribers Conversion Rate through effective email marketing programs and trigger customer purchasing for time-bound promotional offers, the brand used real-time email content to drive the time-dependent offers. Encircl managed the complete development and production of the personalization of email content.

See how we did it