Success Story

Success Stories

How an established British online florist,
improved its email INBOX placement by 40%

About The Client is established online flowers delivery organization in UK, since 2003. Being an award winning florist, they are known for their expertise in marking moments with the fresh blooms & colours, in just 3 easy steps online.


As one of the esteemed online flower order & delivery providers in UK, the client has to mostly rely on emails for business communications, be it reaching out to the new customers or maintaining a dialogue with the existing ones. However, deliverability of emails to the customer's INBOX was a constant challenge for them.



A comprehensive email deliverability audit was conducted to outline the issues behind lack of email deliverability. With the bets-in-class email deliverability intelligence and real-time insights, the team at Encircl redeemed the IP & Domain reputation of the client. To ensure a high degree of INBOX placement, A/B testing of email subject lines and content was undertaken. In addition, ESP-specific spam, block and blacklist issues were also addressed.

Key Ingredients

  • IP & Domain Reputation - improving from low to high
  • Executable and monitored warm-up plans to scale up volume
  • Ensuring email list hygiene - time-triggered & automated list cleaning
  • Subject line comparison and content score check to gauge email campaign performance
  • Hotmail SNDS monitoring and analytics
  • Spam & Blacklist alert - suppression against potential spam trap
  • Gauge email campaign performance in real-time with unprecedented email deliverability intelligence's email open rate, read rate, delete w/o being read rate & the subscriber engagement level


The in-depth email deliverability audit by the Encircl team has helped improve the sender reputation for the client. The INBOX placement was improved by 40% approximately and the spam issues were significantly reduced. Better email delivery has ensured greater customer satisfaction and a growing revenue stream for the client.